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    NSW secures Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant film

    The next thrilling instalment in Ridley Scott’s Alien series will be made in NSW thanks to State Government support, further cementing NSW as the film capital of Australia. Alien: Covenant will star Academy Award®-nominated actor Michael Fassbender whose previous work includes 12 Years a Slave and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Deputy Premier and Minister

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    ARRI’s New Master Grips Feature Fascinating Upgrades

    ARRI has upgraded its classic grips with 21st-century features. After their release at IBC in September, the ARRI Master Grips have finally made their first stateside appearance. At an event at AbelCine in New York last week, we got a chance to spend hands-on time with them—which is, of course, what matters most for handgrips.

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    Yi Tech 4K Action Camera vs. GoPro HERO4 Black

    This year the partner company of Xiaomi, Yi Technology, has introduced the second generation of sports cameras under the name Yi 4K Action Camera. Two major features of the novelty are the presence of the display on its rear face and the ability to record video in 4K format. Yi 4K Camera turned out interesting and functional, while due to its price and performance it can compete with GoPro Hero 4.

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    I couldn’t believe it when I came across Indie Crew! I’ve been waiting for something like this for sooo long! Thanks to the people who made it. Awesome!

    As a student it’s really hard to know where to look for crew for my films.
    Indie Crew = problem solved! Plus the fact that it’s free unbelievable!