Who should join Indie Crew?

Anyone who wants to work on film crews, or find crew to work on their Film & TV productions.

Can students join Indie Crew?

Higher education students are very welcome and encouraged on Indie Crew, however this is not a service for high school students.

Why are accounts free?

Our goal is to help filmmakers. We know a decent budget is hard to come by, so we’d rather get sponsors for the site than charge the members.


My showreel is not working!

You have to ensure that embedding is set to ‘Allowed’ on Vimeo & Youtube. Otherwise your video won’t play!

Is there a limit to how many jobs I can post?

No. Once you are a member, posting jobs is free and you can post as many jobs as you need to fill!

I have a lot of crew roles to fill, do I have to start each submission from scratch?

No. The easiest way to post multiple jobs is to post your first job ad, hit the back button, change the crew type, tick the recaptcha again, then hit submit again. This saves you filling out all of the information again. Alternately, you can duplicate jobs in the Edit Jobs page in your dashboard, then just change the crew category for each submission.

My Crew Role is not in the list, what should I do?

If we’ve missed your specific filmmaking skill, Contact Us and we’ll add it!

How long will my job listing stay up?

Job listings will stay live until your shoot start date.

What should I do once a job is filled?

Once you find your crew member, you should mark your job as filled in the Edit Jobs page .

How can I change my Password?

You can change your Password by going to the Change Password page in your Dashboard menu.

How can I change my Email Address?

You can change your Email Address by going to the Change Email page in your Dashboard menu.

How can I remove a Profile?

You can edit, hide, or delete a profile in the Edit Profiles page in your Dashboard menu.