About the Job

Payment: $1500 (negotiable)

I’m looking for an experienced editor to edit my short film that runs for approximately 15 minutes. We’ve recorded two and a half hours of footage you will need to sift through to get the best performances out of the actors. The sound was recorded externally so I will provide you with it. The sound will all need to be synced up to the footage as well. I would prefer if you used DaVinci Resolve 15 as it has just been released and this is what I will be using for you to send me the project files over email so I can monitor the progress of your work and make suggestions as needed.


When Matthew, a quiet and naïve teenager, loses his parents to a fatal accident, he is left in the care of his Aunt Alisa. Though she steps in to care for her nephew, she has ulterior motives… namely, to swipe the fortune Matthew inherited from his parents.

After insisting he requires the professional help of Dr. Grant Park for his ‘psychological problems’, Alisa shuts Matthew off from the outside world.

Deprived of the love he so desperately needs, Matthew’s only solace is in his friendships with his tutor, Rachel, and Charlie, a friend of his parents.

When Alisa learns of communication between Matthew and Charlie, she forces her way between the pair, convincing Matthew that medication for his condition is the only answer.

Supplied by Dr. Grant, Alisa drugs Matthew, and manipulates him into signing away his fortune.

Hours later, Rachel arrives at the house to find Matthew unconscious. He awakes in hospital; he’s safe, but unsure of his future, though he has Rachel and Charlie by his side.