About the Job

We are looking for a director, preferably with experience in comedic timing, to direct the trailer for our upcoming Aussie comedy series.
Currently the planned shoot dates are Tues, 28th and Wed 29th August 2018.
A trailer script has been drafted, however we welcome collaboration (we are not precious divas here!).
The purpose of the trailer is to secure further funding/pitch in order to shoot the Pilot and ultimately the 6 episodes.

We favour a director who can help us source film equipment.
We offer payment per day, along with catering and reimbursement of travel expenses.

Thank you in advance.


The series follows the disastrous adventures of 3 ancient warriors, banished to modern-day earth as punishment for their epic mistakes in their old world. Adapting to current-day Australian culture has its own problems in this fish-out-of-water comedy, however they meet a helpful 'guide' who takes them in and becomes their Aussie flatmate.