About the Job

RED CLOUD FILMS is looking for a VFX champ to come on board during the pre-production phase of our fast-paced, action short film.

Working closely with the films director, you will be overseeing and advising the Visual Effects elements of the film which will include but is not limited to Compositing, Roto and post lighting.

The film will be shot, in part, in Hong Kong and so the successful applicant will need to take visual cues from both the existing concept art as well as the overseas locations. Travel will not be required for this role.

If this sounds like you, or you’d like to find out more about the project, feel free to contact us via email. A folio of past work and/or showreel will be looked upon favourably.


A straggling survivor from The Crown flees through the infamous Neon territory. However, hunting him is none other than the scourge of Hongkoria himself: The Neon Dragon: a twisted and sadistic figure that currently helms the Chinese gang.

With only a flare gun on hand, this hostage-to-be shoots off a signal for help. Before the last remnants of his home faction can ride out and rally to his aid, a mysterious rogue Rider burns after them in hot pursuit.

Has this Rider overlooked the city's racist climate in the face of a life or death plea? Or has he got an ulterior motive for chasing down The Neon Dragon?