Add your most impressive credits to your profile page

When setting up / editing your profile, make sure to add your key credits under ‘Film Credits’. Credits listed here will show up on your main profile page, allowing prospective employers to quickly see what you’ve been working on without opening your CV. This ensures you’ve put your best foot forward to attract their attention before they flick to the next profile. People who list a few key credits like this are more likely to seriously considered for a job.

Make Sure Your Links Work!

If you are including a YouTube clip, make sure you have ‘embedding allowed’. Click through all your links to ensure they aren’t broken. If you’re having trouble, CONTACT US.

I’m an actor

Unfortunately, Indie Crew is crew-only and, as such, profiles of actors will be removed. There are a heap of great casting websites that allow you to add your head-shots, reels and CVs for free. Check out StarNow and Showcast, and good luck!

Ok, but I’m an actor who also wants to crew

Wonderful! Welcome to the dark side! We just ask that you please keep your profile and CV crew-specific.

I haven’t really done much yet

Well, there’s only one way to fix that, and this is the perfect place to do it! List the areas you are interested in, and what study / experience you do have. Be honest about your experience level, everyone was there once. Show you’re keen and hardworking on the jobs you get, and you’ll be racking up the credits in no time!

Don’t list your high school under education

Prospective employers really don’t need to know about your high school – just higher education. If you haven’t studied film at TAFE or uni, don’t worry. There are no prerequisites!

Referee Permission.

You must have permission from your references to include their contact details on your CV if you are posting it on Indie Crew.

I can do everything!

You may have a lot of filmmaking skills, but it’s better to just list the ones in one or two specialty areas.

I have a funny photo of a cat.

Cats are always funny, but people want to see who they are hiring, so you’re best to upload an actual photo of yourself.

I don’t have a CV!

You can use your online resume as a CV. Just fill out all of the details under Education and Experience. You can keep adding to it as you get more experience.

I want a professional, but I can afford one.

Some professionals will give small discounts to student and low budget productions, but don’t hassle them if you really don’t have any money.

I need a Makeup Artist, but I can’t afford one. Will they work for free?

Some trainee makeup artists may give their time for free for the experience, but with jobs like that you should always offer to cover materials costs. People should not be out of pocket for working on your production!